Delhi and NCR is becoming too crowded and finding a place to live has become a very hefty task. Although there are a few places still holding a strong living environment that will give you a peace of mind and solution to having a better place to live and the two most prominent names that people always hear in this time is Noida or Gurgaon.

These two places have lately become a hub for industrial setups as well as living perspectives. Being in any of these two places will make your purpose full. You might not have any problems in anything as they are emerging out to be a complete society. Yeah! It is true that they have their own perks and demerits still they have been talked as two better places to live- in the NCR.It is true that Noida has been an emerging place for living and Gurgaon is costlier and more business community centric. You can find a lot of MNC’s and other organizations setting up their business here but then you also have projects such as Pareena Laxmi sector 99A Gurgaon that are exceptionally very well set up for people to reside here in the city.

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Now to reach to a conclusion we need to compare both these places with what they are providing so let us have a quick look on the greener side of both these cities.

Perks of living in Noida:

  • If you don’t have your own conveyance there is nothing to fear in Noida, as the autos and cab services ply late night here. So, even if you don’t wish to book a cab or are too lazy for that. Just get the auto; even at late nights.
  • One thing that could attract people towards Noida is the cheaper flats. Yes, even after having abundance of place to live, the flats here are spacious. Where as in Gurgaon they are restrictive. Not to forget that we are comparing and talking in relative to each other.
  • Noida is a city that is well planned and has a larger chunk of area that is stored for living purpose. Whereas Gurgaon has become a lot congested already due to the MNCs and all.
  • If you hate traffic then this is the place for you. People living in this area are very soothed with the traffic here. You would never to rare find a traffic jam in Noida.

Now let us see the perks of Gurgaon:

  • It is very clean and green when you are in Gurgaon. Although Noida is also very clean but this one goes in the bag of Gurgaon, so if you wish to reside in this place then Conscient Habitat sector 99A Gurgaon can find you a suitable place for flats.
  • Although Noida is also very well developed but when it comes to the infrastructure you cannot beat Gurgaon at the moment.Being the industrial hub of the capital it has a few very well made buildings.
  • Water Supply is also very good here when compared to that of Noida. One thing that Noida lacks in is the water availability. You might have to break a lot of sweat to get the water tank full.
  • If you need connectivity to all the near places such as Delhi and other cities, you should live in Gurgaon.

Now even when we are comparing both of these places we can’t draw out a winner amongst them as both of them are equally set up. It depends on what you want and what kind of things do you prefer more. Both these places are equally good and they have almost all the good features that one place should have. If you have already made your mind to live in Delhi then Migsun Wynn Twinz Greater Noida is also a project that you might want to consider. They have a very exquisite landscape, a very humungous area and this is a better version of Noida. Moreover you get a considerably well connectivity in this area.

So if you want the proximity to Delhi then obviously Noida has an advantage over Gurgaon in this area but if you are wanting to work in an MNC then there are healthy chances that you might get the job location as Gurgaon. And if this is the case then you might want to choose Gurgaon over Noida. So, it becomes an equation where you cannot judge a winner. So, decide according to your need.