Safeguarding Houses against Mumbai Monsoon


Monsoon is known to bring spells of water to the grounds that make the environment pleasant and dust-free. It empowers vegetation to flourish and sustains earth’s true aesthetics by painting the scene with nature’s true colors. According to weather experts, major parts of India receive monsoon showers between July and September which nurtures the agriculture sector of the country.

In contrast, the monsoon season is regarded as a troublesome time in the financial capital of the country, Mumbai. The geographical location and infrastructural inabilities (railway track planning and drainage systems) are known to slow down the pace of the otherwise fast moving city.

Situated at the coast, the problems in the city start with heavy rainfalls that gradually increase with water logging issues. This results in damage of pubic infrastructure as well as housing architecture. Thus, people should always consult the best housing architects in Mumbai for safeguarding their houses against the plaguy season.

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Some ways to safeguard houses during Mumbai monsoon include:

Leakage and Seepage

Water leaks and seepage in the walls are the most common problems faced by Mumbaikars during the monsoon season. They often indicate towards significant damage to the walls which may lead to fungal growth in the affected areas. Thus, homeowners should always keep a check on their house wall conditions and opt for effective water proofing solutions to brace up against heavy rainfalls.

Drain Management

In order to avoid leakages and wall patches due to seepage, it is important to control water outflow in households. With heavy rains, drainage pipes run with full capacity which increases the risk of pipe damage and leakage. Therefore, homeowners should always keep a stern check on the drainage pipe conditions and consult the best residential architects in Mumbai for developing a systematic and well-planned drainage system.

Wall Care

Wall paints are considered as the primary protection that safeguard house walls against atmospheric and climatic threats. Thus, homeowners should invest smartly in wall paints and consider the availability of waterproof paints in the market. Other wall care materials including wall putty and white cements can also restrict the development of seepage problems.

Wooden Furnishing

Wooden furnishing like doors, windows, cabinets, etc. are prone to major damage during the monsoon season. Exposure of these respective wooden products to rain water often results in swelling of the wood. This may also lead to termite development as it creates a perfect moist and humid environment for their breeding. Therefore, Mumbai homeowners should protect their wooden furnishing with oils and wax to restrict moisture development.

According to the best architects in Mumbai, prevention, regular checkups, and following sustainable architecture practices are the most effective measures that can safeguard houses in Mumbai against moisture and humidity during the monsoon season.