Every business in the modern world is primarily focused on increasing sales. Organizations aim to achieve their set objectives and goals by framing policies and adopting approaches that result in surged profits. These respective policies are made in accordance with various workplace elements and are directed towards augmenting the overall efficiency of employees and assets.

According to the top architectural firm in India, office designs and features are among the most important workplace elements that can significantly surge business productivity. Trends reveal that office designs are evolving with time as they encourage an employee’s morale and willingness to collaborate. Thus, the top commercial architects in India suggest that every modern-day business must ensure incorporation of high-yielding spaces and fostering of a pleasant workplace atmosphere.


Some essential features that every office must have in this year include:

  1. Video Monitoring

The best commercial architects in India believe that every company needs top-notch  security features.  According to experts, pervasive use of camera technology in video surveillance significantly adds to the overall security of the workplace. Modern surveillance cameras are available with wide angle lenses, enhanced low light performance and efficient zoom features. In addition, the technology also helps managers and administrators to collect data with regard to the utilization of office space.

  1. Adaptable Furniture and Smart Desks

According to the top architects in India, office furniture is an integral part of workplace designing. Thus, concerned authorities should make significant investments for buying adaptable multipurpose furniture and smart desks. With adaptable furniture available, employees can rearrange chairs, tables, etc. in accordance with their tastes and needs. This not only boosts an employee’s will to work but also provides appropriate autonomy over the work environment.

  1. Technology Integration

As per the best office architects in India, office designs have a great scope for technology integration. This not only promotes ease of working but also encourages office employees to work with full efficiency. Some ways to integrate technology in an office workspace include:

  • Using smart lighting systems to modernize the office space. It also aids companies in achieving energy efficiency. According to reports, smart lighting systems can help companies to save up to 90% of energy costs.
  • Using laptops instead of heavy PC’s for enhancing energy efficiency and space efficiency.
  • Modern cloud computing systems for minimizing use of paper and physical storage.
  • IoT for encouraging remote workplace culture.
  • Spacious conference rooms with smart and modern amenities like smart TV’s, smart boards, etc.

According to the best architectural firms in India, technology is flourishing every day in this 21st century and incorporating it in office spaces is extremely important to cope up with the emerging market challenges and needs. Since a motivated employee force and advanced functioning are the key drivers of an organization’s success, companies should consult the best architects in India for drawing efficient office design plans.