Supertech Hypernova mall is located in sector 94, Noida. It is a commercial mall in supernova launched by Supertech Pvt Ltd. Supertech Hypernova mall is Leed certified project which has set a benchmark for a sustainable skyscraper. Every business in Hypernova mall will see high growth potential including a food court in Hypernova mall.

Supertech Hypernova Sector 94 Noida

Why go for commercial spaces in Hypernova mall?

  • Big Size:- The mall is bigger in size and that makes the difference. It has 1000000+ commercial opportunities to invest in, 7000+ parking spaces that keep your cars safe.
  • Big in Design:- It has a unique layout wherein all retail shops are of atrium facing, open areas to pass in the sunlight and wide corridors that make the movement easy among the visitors.
  • Connectivity:- For every business to grow, the business place should be accessible so that visitors can come in anytime. Hypernova mall is well connected to Noida expressway and south Delhi which brings in more number of people resulting in business growth.
  • Entertainment Zone:- in research, it has been found that a number of visitors visit the mall for the purpose of entertainment. It is mostly in the form of PlayStations, movie theatres, etc. Hypernova mall has a special entertainment zone which offers entertainment for every age group, may it be a kid of 5 years or an 80-year-old man. Everybody will be entertained differently at Hypernova mall.
  • Attraction:- Apart from its structure and design, the customers are attracted to the Hypernova mall due to dines, electronics, luxury apparels, hypermarkets, etc. It’s one place for anything and everything. You shop, get entertained and cheer your mood in a luxurious place.
  • Returns:- the returns on investments depends upon the brand image of the property maker. Supertech Pvt Ltd has been in this business over a long period of time establishing a number of luxurious and top-class projects over different places. Its accessibility turns outs to be the second reason for higher returns.
  • Uniqueness:- Hypernova mall consists of many unique factors that make it the best. Such as 21 feet floor to floor retail shop height that can fit any business in it, Big subterranean parking spaces which solve the common problem of parking and keeps your cars safe, and retail shops with atrium facing.

5 Things that make the difference

  • Big open spaces:- That brings the fresh air and light in making a natural environment.
  • Big unit size:- offering 1000000+ commercial spaces for a profitable investment.
  • Big aesthetics and ambience:- that cheers the mood.
  • Big brands:- that adds more luxury to the Hypernova mall. Brands from price 2000 to 25000 and beyond are available for every income group of people.
  • Big party spaces:- that are perfect for any party, may it be a small one or large the party space can be adjusted per needs.

Hypernova mall at the Supernova is the perfect place to invest in to get higher returns as well as for business setups. It offers all the necessary amenities that make a mall a luxurious one. With Leed certification, it tops the list of best malls. Why wait for more? Invest in the commercial mall in Supernova and get the benefits today.