Apply For HUDA Sonipat Plots Scheme


HUDA stands for Haryana Urban Development Authority, which is the Haryana state agency responsible of developing residential areas in Haryana known as HUDA sectors. In Sonepat also there are many HUDA sectors available. Before all these private real estate developers started developing their real estate projects in Sonipat, some of the best residential areas were the HUDA sectors. There are many sectors in Sonipat namely – Sector 12, sector 13, sector 14, sector 15, sector 23, sector 10, sector 5, sector 6, sector 7, etc.

Out of all these sectors, sector 14, sector 15 & sector 23 are the oldest and the most developed. In fact sector 14 & sector 15 are still the most sought after residential destinations in Sonipat. This is due to the fact that these sectors are among the best locations and have best markets and facilities in them. After them the sector 12 and sector 13 were developed, and after that rest of the sectors.

HUDA Plots Sonepat

Among the local people of Sonipat the plots in HUDA sectors of Sonipat are still quite popular and are in very much demand here even after numerous private real estate companies are developing many real estate projects that offer many more luxurious facilities than the HUDA plots. The reason behind this popularity is that these plots are more affordable and economical than the ones in private townships and residential projects and the possession of plots in HUDA sectors is given in much less time than in the private real estate projects.

The HUDA plots are always well planned, well developed and well located. Maximum of these HUDA sectors are located at important locations in the Sonipat city and its surroundings. The HUDA plots in sectors are much planned as the similar sized plots are always located in one cluster together so that people of similar socioeconomic status are located in one place.

The HUDA plots are normally available in various sizes of approximately 100 sq yards, 150 sq yards, 210 sq yards, 300 sq yards, and 500 sq yards. The sizes of plots may vary from sector to sector and place to place accordingly. Besides residential plots, every sector also provides plots for commercial purposes in HUDA markets which are available with each sector, plots for educational institutes and healthcare institutes. The plots in HUDA Sonipat come equipped many good facilities which include parks and playgrounds for children and adults alike, broad roads and streets laced with street lights, power connections, water supply, sewage disposal facilities and many more.

The HUDA plots are provided to the public by HUDA through a lottery system in which the plots are allotted to applicants whose name come by a lottery held between all the applicants who applied for the plots in HUDA sectors. After that plots are only available if the original allottees want to resell their plots but that are also available only at a very high premium which can be 2 to 10 times the original prices of the plots in the HUDA sectors in Sonipat.