It is an amazing time to buy a two-wheeler. There are a mind-boggling number of options available to suit every personality, requirement, and budget. A good place to start narrowing down your requirements is going through the websites of various brands. Once you’ve narrowed down your choice to a few that appeal to you, it is time to head to the dealership to get a touch and feel of the two-wheeler.

Things To Follow Before Taking Delivery of Your Two-Wheeler
Things To Follow Before Taking Delivery of Your Two-Wheeler


After finalizing your choice, it is prudent to compare prices with various dealers and online. It’s also a good idea to look into insurance options and low-interest bike loans at this juncture. You can get information on bike finance details from your dealer and online. Once you have your finance in place, it’s time to head to the dealership and to pick up your two-wheeler.

It’s a proud and emotional moment when you pick up that two-wheeler you’ve always dreamed about. Here are some tips to follow before you take delivery to ensure that your ownership experience begins on a positive note.

Time of Delivery

When taking delivery of your vehicle, give yourself enough time to go through a pre-delivery checklist. Try to take delivery during daytime as it is easier to inspect your two-wheeler. Whether you’re looking for an auspicious time or just a convenient time, contact your dealership a couple of days in advance and confirm the time with them. This will help ensure that they have everything ready for you when you reach the dealership.

On the day, remember to carry your driver’s license, documents for your insurance, and the check or demand draft. In case you have paid in advance or have electronically transferred the funds, carry the proof of payment along. Take a camera along and take plenty of photographs. This will help in case any disputes arise after delivery.


Begin by going through all the documents with your sales advisor. Ask them to hold off on the invoice until you have physically inspected your two-wheeler. Check that the VIN number on the paper matches the one on your two-wheeler and that the date of manufacture is recent. Check to ensure that the warranty is stamped and valid. If you have opted for an extended warranty plan, ensure that the relevant documentation is included. Make sure that the owners manual and service manual are present and filled out. Double check to make sure your insurance is in effect.

Visual Inspection

Request that the vehicle is kept in a well-lit area. Begin with the paint job. Is the vehicle clean? Are there any scratches, scuff marks or crimps? Next, check the vehicle from as many angles as possible and look for dents, dings, and dimples. Make sure all the compartments close snugly. Ensure that the tires are new, clean, and inflated to the correct pressure. Check the wheel alignment and ensure that there is no wobble. Check all the lights and indicators and make sure the instrument panel works properly. Note the mileage. It should be as close to zero as possible. Check for leaks. If you find any issues, make sure that they resolved before you leave the dealership.


Make sure the tool kit is present, and if you’ve ordered any aftermarket accessories or upgrades such as mufflers, tires, rims, etc. ensure that they have been fitted properly.

Test Drive

Start your vehicle and take it for a short test drive to ensure that it handles properly. If you face any issues, have them rectified before you leave the dealership.

Taking Final Delivery

Once you’re satisfied, complete the payment formalities and ensure your number plate is installed.
You are good to go. It’s time to enjoy riding your two-wheeler. Don’t forget your helmet.